: Petrochemical Industries

The petrochemical sector in Saudi Arabia witnessed a qualitative leap since the beginning of the seventies of the last century AD and received great support from the state, where it established the major industrial cities in Jubail and Yanbu. In order to diversify its investments, This area is as follows

 : YANSAB Company

In 2005, Tatweer invested in SABIC’s YANSAB Company with a capital of SR 5 billion (US $ 1.33 billion)

Yanbu National Petrochemical Company (YANSAB) is a Saudi joint stock company incorporated under the regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under Commercial Registration No. 4700009432 issued on 14 February 2006. Yansab is located in Yanbu Industrial City on the Red Sea. The first phase of its industrial production exceeds 4 million tons of different products annually

YANSAB aims to manufacture the following petrochemical products: Ethylene, Ethylene Glycol, High Density Polyethylene, LDPE, Polypropylene, Biotin 1, Biotin 2, T. B. ETS, PTX in accordance with the founding contract and regulations in the Kingdom

The company’s capital is SR 5625 million, of which the parent company SABIC owns 51%, while Sabic Industrial Investments (a wholly-owned subsidiary of SABIC) owns 4% for the SABIC employees under the Employee Shareholding Program, (17) Saudi and Gulf companies 10% of the capital while the remaining 35% of the capital was offered to the public subscription for Saudi citizens, which was completed on 5 January 2006 and set a precedent in the public subscriptions in the Kingdom in terms of the number of subscribers, which amounted to 8.8 million subscribers Half of the Kingdom’s population

The total investment of the first stage of the Yansab is estimated at SR 18750 million. Financing for this stage has been arranged with 30% capital and 70% (SR 13125 million) of external financing. The financing arrangement was completed on June 18, 2006 with the participation of 19 local, regional and international banks as well as the Public Investment Fund and two European Export Promotion Institutions (British and Italian). The financing program included the largest share of Islamic finance in financing new projects in the Kingdom.

YANSAB’s website is available at http://www.yansab.com.sa

 : Ibn Rushd Company

In 1995, Tatweer invested in SABIC’s Ibn Rushd Company with a capital of SR 3.5 billion (US $ 933 million)

Ibn Rushd Company is one of the national industrial companies affiliated to SABIC in partnership with the private sector. It is located in Yanbu Industrial City and consists of three complementary plants. The manufacturing operations start by converting natural gas into aromatic compounds and then converting one of these compounds into pure triflate acid, (Ibn Rushd) has achieved self-sufficiency from all the basic materials for the various manufacturing processes

Factory Complex

The Arab Company for Industrial Fibers consists of three complementary factories that start by converting natural gas into aromatic compounds. One of these compounds is converted to pure trifetallic acid, which is the main element for the manufacture of polyester. Thus Ibn Rushd has achieved self-sufficiency for all the basic materials of different manufacturing processes

Aromatics Factory:

Ibn Rushd produces various types of aromatic or ring compounds, which include two essential substances, paraxylene and benzene, as well as the possibility of producing other compounds such as methazylene and ethosylane. LPG is used as a feedstock, a technique based on the modern technique called Universal Oil Production , Or, b) American

Pure Trifthialic Acid Factory:

At this stage, pure trifetalic is produced by the interaction of paracetylene and acetic acid,

Polyester Factory:

Polyester ores are manufactured by the reaction of pure trifethyl acid with ethylene glycol through several production lines that allow the production of various types of polyester, which include short polyester fibers mixed with cotton for the textile industry

– Polyester yarns for the textile industry

– Long polyester fibers for the carpet industry

– Polyester granules for the manufacture of bottles and bottles

Link to Ibn Rushd website www.ibnrushd.com.sa/arabic/Arabic.htm