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Saudi Industries Development Company

Saudi Industries Development Company (Tatweer) was established in 1995 as a closed Saudi joint stock company, headquartered in Buraidha, Saudi Arabia, with a capital of 100 Million Riyals. The honorary president of the company is His Royal Highness Prince

Dr. Faisal bin Mishal bin Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Governor of Qassim Region. Major shareholder in Tatweer is Zamil Group Holding, National Manufacturing Company, Bin Laden Group, General Organization for Social Insurance, General Retirement Corporation

And many Royal Highness’s, princes, Excellencies, dignitaries, businessmen and other investors. The company has a portfolio of investments in many industrial, real estate, financial and other fields

Speech of the Chief Executive Officer

The vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 is a unique qualitative stage that looks to the future in all its dimensions, and it is undoubtedly comprehensive, achieving the aspirations of the people of this generous country, and drawing a road map for a bright future. It also puts us on the threshold of a new stage of construction and continuous development in various fields. A unique quality that aims to build a strong and cohesive nation in all directions. We at Tatweer find ourselves in front of a great responsibility towards this vision that we sense and strive to achieve through the products offered by the company, as the company contributes to the renaissance of construction and continuous development in line with the ambitions and aspirations of Vision 2030, and this undoubtedly makes us all face great challenges to carry out this responsibility, including Our religion and our love for this dear country dictate to us.
When the client chooses us to participate in the completion of any work; He ensures that all our capabilities, experiences and expertise will be adapted to serve him, and that our ability to connect all relevant parties will shorten many long ways to reach his satisfaction. And because we feel our responsibility before the country and before our company’s clients, and to be at the level of this ambitious vision, we have realized that it is our duty to work continuously to enhance the company’s position by providing high-quality products in a way that maximizes the economic returns for all relevant parties, as well as focusing on national cadres as the most valuable resource. The most important of them is to provide them with a supportive environment for the purposes of learning, creativity, and continuous career and personal development

Eng. AbdElrahman ALKadi

Chief Executive Officer of Tatweer

Saudi Industries Development Company

contributed to the development in Ibn Rushd 1995

1996 The development in the company of the spectrum

1999 Tatweer acquired the global factory for jewelery boxes and plastic products

2000 established the development of the company of Qassim Automatic Doors

2002 Development Company started operating the comprehensive medicine project in cooperation with the Elite Medical Center in Riyadh

2005 – Tatweer contributed to YANSAB

2012  The company contributed to the development of the project of Rayat-1

2012 Tatweer has contributed to the Reem Real Estate Fund project

2013  Tatweer contributed to the project of Rayat- 2

2014 Development in Makkah income-generating fund

2014 Tatweer contributed to the Riyad Fund

Tatweer acquired Cementix Cement Industries


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