Twenty-four years of experience

Most experienced in industry

Speed and accuracy in solutions

Flexibility and safest investment

Welcome to Saudi Industries Development Company (Tatweer)

Diversity of investments

Distribute your money on a number of investment tools and channels rather than investing them all in one area


The business philosophy of the company is integrity, backed by strict adherence to comprehensive risk management


The company is committed to winning and ensuring the continued confidence of its customers by providing innovative and responsible investment advice


Maintaining the highest standards of integrity

Company Profile

Saudi Development Company (Tatweer) was established in 1995 as a closed Saudi joint stock company, headquartered in Buridha, Saudi Arabia, with a capital of 200 million riyals. The Honorary President of the company is His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Mishal bin Saud Prince Abdul Aziz Al Saud Prince of Qassim Region

Why choose investment with development?

Experience in manufacturing

More than twenty-four years experience in manufacturing

Team competencies

The development company has a team that has a degree of proficiency to pursue goals

Creative and professional

Creativity and creative thinking are among our most important goals

Experience in providing solutions

We deliver positive results to our clients through successful execution

100% guaranteed results

All investments involve a certain degree of risk

Reasons to invest with us

Diversity in economic projects

Accumulated experience of 24 years and diversified in investment, specifically in the fields of production and industry

Stable financial position of the company and its commitment to the application of global institutional foundations for companies

The use of the latest systems and technology both at the operational, production and accounting levels

Tatweer has several strategic alliances with many companies

Invest with us now and enjoy the features

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Board of Directors

News & Events


Prince of Qassim receives the Board of Directors of Tatweer



Invitation to attend the 21st Ordinary General Meeting